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    In TIG argon arc welding, plasma welding etc. need to use tungsten pole occasions, generally need grinding tungsten pole, But tungsten grinding process produces the dust not only to the human body is very harmful, but also due to tungsten electrode Angle and tungsten surface roughness etc. factors are affecting the quality of welding. In automatic welding occasions, in order to achieve the welding quality consistency, normally required tungsten pole shape and surface roughness and can't change, but artificially grinding quality is uneven, so use tungsten grinding machine grinding out quality uniformity quality tungsten is very necessary.

Technical Parameters


Diamond Size Wheel Diameter Wheel Thickness Model NO. Weight(KG)
mm Inch mm Inch
Diamond wheel Small 37 1.457 26 0.102 5000 000 401 0.01
Diamond wheel Middle 37 1.457 26 0.102 5000 000 402 0.01
Diamond wheel Big 37 1.457 26 0.102 5000 000 403 0.01

Performance Characteristics


1.Using high quality micro motors with high reliability

2. Exquisite structure designs get rid of the grinding process tungsten pole radioactive dust the harm to human body.

3.Angle precise, surface high precision. To improve the welding arc quality provide basic guarantee.

4.As a flashlight size, operation is convenient and simple.

5. We accept the OEM order can change the Grinding Angle  as you need.

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