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    Functions and features 1.Small size and light weight.Easy to carry and easy to operate,economic and durable. 2.Stable performance,automatic voltage compesation capability. 3.Adopt the technology of automatic identification voltage, suitable for input 220V or 380V. 4.Welding machine control PCB with functions of dustproof, waterproof, moitureproof, Strong environment adaptiveness 5.Stable arc, deep melting pool, beautiful welding moulding. 6.No-load power consumption is small, and electricity energy saving.

Technical Parameters

Power voltage (V): 220V±10%    Frequency 50/60HZ  
Rated input power capactiy  9.4KVA Output current range  20-250A  
Rated output voltage 30V Duty cycle  60%  
Efficiency 85% Power factor  0.93 
Insulation class F  Protection class IP23
Weight 18KGS Overall dimension 480*203*369MM

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